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While the available biologics are all effective in treating IBD versus placebo, there have been no head-to-head trials. Because of the lack of comparative effectiveness data, there are several first-line biologic therapies for use in IBD. Adding to the complexity is the substantial variation among medicines with respect to mechanism of action, mode of administration, and side effects. For example, the available therapies can be categorized as anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF), anti-integrin, or anti-interleukin (IL) 12/anti-IL 23 agents.7, 8 Aside from mechanism of action, they differ in both the route (intravenous vs. subcutaneous) and frequency of administration. They also have varying side-effect profiles, as there are differential rates of fatigue, skin rash, lymphoma, and serious infections.9 This makes it difficult for patients to navigate the wide array of treatment options with their doctor and to choose a therapy that fits their treatment needs and lifestyle.