About IBD&me

The conjoint analysis results from the study39 described in Module 2 were translated into a clinically useful, online tool for shared decision-making. The resulting website, called “IBD&me,” allows patients to explore decision-making around biologic therapies for IBD at their own pace. Watch the Video below to learn more about the website.

IBD&me is freely available and enables patients to explore biologic risks and benefits by first bringing them through the “Learn More” section. Here, the site addresses questions like: What are biologics? How to take biologics? What is the risk of lymphoma? Afterwards, users go through a conjoint survey called the IBD&me Decision Tree. Once they complete the survey, the website generates a unique IBD&me Personalized Report that they can share with their doctor. Go to the next page to see how this Personalized Report may be useful to you and your patients.