Cost of Biologics

Finally, a small number of online discussions (8%) centered on the costs of biologic therapies.24 Users expressed concerns about their inability to pay for the drugs due to their high cost, and were fearful and anxious about losing the benefits obtained from these therapies:

I am desperately trying to raise 1500.00 for a [Biologic X] treatment. As most know I have Crohn's disease. Thanks to [Biologic X] I am now in remission. I need this treatment to stay healthy. If you can help all donations can be made through PayPal using my email. Thank you for your help and support.

I've been fine since I started [Biologic X] 8 years ago, however I just turned 21 and lost CCS (California Children's services) and Medi-Cal. So I haven't had a [Biologic X] infusion in 23 weeks and I can feel the abscess that follows the fistula coming back. I seriously don't know what to do, I have no medical insurance and no [Biologic X] and I'm about to graduate college. Does anybody know of anything I can do? I'm kinda panicking.

The analysis also illustrated that even individuals with health insurance still described issues either obtaining coverage for their medicine or covering copayments.

My health insurance would no longer pay for the [Biologic X] shots. It's expensive at $4300.00 per month for insurance, but works in reducing flare ups or putting Crohn's in remission.