IBD&me Personalized Report

After patients complete the IBD&me Decision Tree, they receive their IBD&me Personalized Report. It shows which biologic factors (i.e., route of administration, time in between doses, efficacy, side-effect profile) are most important to them when choosing among the different medicines. Patients can print out this report and bring it with them to their doctor’s appointment. They can also email the report to the doctor’s office as well.

When you review the report in clinic, it will help you quickly understand what is most important to your patient when selecting a biologic medicine. The example report below reveals the type of information available to patients and their doctors. It includes the “Importance Scores” for the different biologic characteristics. The higher the score, the more important the characteristic is to the patient when choosing among medicines. It also shows the patient’s preferred route of administration and how often they want to receive the medicine. Finally, in the “Other Helpful Information” section, you and your patient will see additional, tailored information that may be helpful when discussing the different biologic options in your clinic. For example, if route of administration is the most important driver in a patient’s decision-making, the report describes how all the clinically available biologics are administered.

The purpose of generating a short, personalized report is to enable an informed discussion between you and your patient so that you can both decide on the biologic that meets the patient’s treatment needs, medication preferences, and lifestyle. Also, by facilitating meaningful discussions in clinic and selecting a medicine that maps to a patient’s preferences, it may lead to improved patient satisfaction, higher medication adherence, and ultimately better clinical outcomes. The IBD&me resource could be “prescribed” to patients who are considering whether and how to start biologics.